Thursday, November 12, 2015

Whitney Wolfe, the 2018 COMP-Northwest Class President, telling your Lebanon Optimists about her life's journey that has kept her in Oregon to come to Lebanon's own medical school. Whitney has lead an amazing life, including overcoming a major trauma from a car accident, and her radiant optimism is a great example of how wonderful our med students are!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Please welcome our newest member of your Lebanon Optimists, Tyler Grove from the Boys and Girls Club!

Correction: these great students are Lebanon High School students! They completed an internship at COMP-Northwest under the tutelage of Dr. Brion Benninger. Here, Molly Benjamin is presenting how they developed the use of the Sectra anatomical display to better teach high school students about the human body. Great stuff!
-Live by Faith - Act in Love-

Kendall Crawford from COMP-Northwest is here with her mentor, Dr. Brion Benninger, telling your Lebanon Optimists about the amazing medical knowledge that our medical students are not only learning but creating! Our awesome med students are going to change the world! How lucky are we that they are starting in & with Lebanon?

It's official! Our wonderful Secretary Leah Wolfenbarger is now a lifetime member of Optimists! Thank you, Leah, for everything that you do!